Opossum Removal


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Opossum Removal

Opossum in cage trap


The opossum is the only marsupial mammal of North America. Mama Opossum will carry the young in pouch for up to 2 to 3 months and piggy back them for an additional 1 to 2 months!


Opossum Removal

Many people have found holes dug underneath their porch, garage, deck, or even backyard shed and have seen coming out of those holes a light colored fury animal with a rat tail and a pretty grin like the one shown above. Well that rat tailed fury animal happens to be our friend the opossum! Opossum are known for digging underneath such structures and even garbage cans! The opossum will eat just about anything and go through many procedures to get at chosen foods. Most opossum removals consist of using a live cage trap on the outside of a home but we have ran into many cases where opossum removal jobs needed more immediate action in the removal portion due to the opossum coming through the doggy/kitty door and were found in the living area of a home, in which the opossum removal was done by a catch pole or even removal by hand! Opossum removal is best done by live cage trapping them on the outside of the home using just about any foods to attract their attention. If you have a opossum issue and need assistance in opossum removal please call:


Its Winter time and for some of you it may be time to get rid of opossum! If you are experiencing opossum issues at any time of the year, we can help! Getting rid of opossum or opossum removal work should not be procrastinated and should be taken very seriously as the opossum issue can only worsen. Call County Animal Control to get rid of your opossum issues. 608-259-6515 for getting rid of opossum and opossum control services.