Bat Removal Clifton

Brown Bat exiting a one way door

Brown Bat using a one way door!


County Animal Control

608 259 6515

All across the city Clifton there are people who have many different scenarios of troubles with bats and those people in the city of Clifton with bat issues get their bat removal work taken care of by calling a bat professional at County Animal Control! In Clifton the calls are usually along the lines of: “I hear bats in my attic or in my walls!” or even, “I saw bats entering the peak of my roof into my attic”, not to forget the most common of all, “THERES A BAT FLYING AROUND IN MY HOUSE!!!” Whatever the scenario, County Animal Control can take care of your bat removal for you in the city of Clifton! All you need to do is call County Animal Control and ask for a bat professional to come assist you in your bat removal, its as simple as dialing 608 259 6515.  Dial this Clifton number and a bat professional will put you on schedule at the soonest availability to get you started on your bat removal process in Clifton.

The Routine:


The Clifton Bat Specialist will get you on schedule for a Wildlife Inspection and a bat removal. A Wildlife Inspection will let the Clifton bat removals professional know exactly what is going on at your property and how to deal with the bat removal. The Clifton bat removal professional will be able to determine what species of bats you may be dealing with and an estimation of how many bats may be in your home. Also upon the inspection, the bat removal professional will be able to determine how and where the bats are entering and exiting your building. Finally, the Clifton bat removal professional will write you up a description on what exactly is going on with your bats and what we can do to resolve this bat issue with our bat removal work.

At this point the Clifton Bat Removal Professional has a grip on your issue and will perform whatever necessary to resolve your bat issue by providing you with our services in bat removal.

For a Clifton Bat Professional call- 608 259 6515

Also servicing bat removals in the following cities of Monroe County:

Adrian, Angelo, Byron, Cashton, Clifton, Glendale, Grant, Greenfield, Jefferson, Kendall, La Grange, Lafayette, Leon, Lincoln, Little Falls, Melvina, New Lyme, Norwalk, Oakdale, Portland, Ridgevill,e Scott, Sheldon, Sparta, Tomah, Warrens, Wellington, Wells, Wilton, Wyeville, Shennington, Spring Bank Park, Tunnel City, Valley Junction, Oil City, Portland, Raymore, St. Mary’s, Scotts Junction, Angelo, Cataract, Clifton, Farmers Valley, Four Corners, Jacksonville, Kirby, Norway Ridge

Though winter is here, you can still be proactive with your bat removal issues. If you are experiencing bat issues at any time of the year, we can help! Bat removal and bat prevention work should not be procrastinated and should be taken very seriously as the issue can only worsen. Call County Animal Control for your first step toward eradicating your bat removal issue. 608-259-6515 for Bat removal services.